Celtic Floral Art

for Your Home

Experience the Majesty and Artistry of flowers as intricate Celtic Crosses echo their Divine Design bringing elegance and beauty to Your Home!

Purple iris flower art
Gena Kearn

Gena Kearn

Celtic Floral Artist
Concordia, Kansas

I'd love to help you add that Special Touch you've been looking for to Your home.

  • Creating exceptional artwork showcasing the beauty of flowers for over 10 years.
  • Using the enduring sources of inspiration from my life to add beauty and joy to yours.
  • Committed to serving you with excellence and ease.
  • Every artwork is backed by my ENDURING PROMISE Guarantee.
enduring roots limited edition print

Limited Edition Prints

Add beauty and elegance to your home with an ENDURING ROOTS Limited Edition Print.

enduring roots limited edition print

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Keep your favorite flowers with you as you’re on the go.

enduring roots limited edition print

Making Celtic Floral Art

See the flowers come to life and the Divine Design emerge.


"Gena’s work is astonishing! The intricate detail really impressed me. Her work is beautiful! Not only does her expertise and talent come through in her work, but her passion shows, too! Gena is a wonderful person and always has a smile on her face. I see that happiness and passion shine through in her work. I plan to buy more pieces of her art!"

Beverly M., Delphos, KS

Hi There!  Thanks for stopping by!  Gena Kearn is a colored pencil artist and art educator living and working in Concordia, Kansas.  Gena loves helping her clients add beauty and elegance to their homes through the majesty and artistry of the flowers that have inspired her for over 10 years.  Her clients value her ENDURING ROOTS Celtic Floral Art for her meticulous attention to detail, life-like realism, intricate designs and rich, vivid colors.  If you’re looking to add a unique and special touch to your home through the beauty of flowers, you’re in the right place!  Please make yourself at home and feel free to look around!

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