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Saturday, August 18th, 2017

Flowers – Love Notes From God

I came across a beautiful poem by Helen Steiner Rice this week, and I knew I had to share it with you because it so eloquently expresses my thoughts and feelings about flowers.


Three photos I took of my neighbor's beautiful iris.

Spring Garden

So when I looked at those flowers,
I was looking at God
For they bloomed in His sun
and grew in His sod
And each lovely flower
was a “voice from above”
That whispered a message
of Kindness and Love
For I feel in my heart,
and I know you do, too,
That God speaks to us all
through the kind things we do
And when I looked at these flowers
I couldn’t help but feel
That they brought heaven nearer
and made God so real.

~ Helen Steiner Rice

For me, each flower truly is a “voice from above” that speaks of the love and kindness of Christ.  They are each little love notes to us from God whispering “I love you” to our hearts, and beckoning us to draw closer to Him.

God, in His wisdom and power, could have created our world with just one type of flower to provide pollen for His creatures.  Instead, He created hundreds of varieties in a vast array of colors.  Why?  Well, for 2 reasons, I think.  One, because God is an artist who loves to create.  Two, because God is the lover of our souls and He will use every way possible to reach us, to reveal His love for us, and to bring us into His loving arms.

That’s thought touches me deeply, brings tears to my eyes, and inspires me to lovingly and meticulously create art to capture every “word” of His love notes, to share His message with as many people as possible, and to say “Thank You! I love You too, God!!”


Let me leave you with these lovely words from Virginia J. Ruehlmann:

From the forest violet to the cultivated orchid
From flower box plantings to cottage gardens
From clustered wildflowers to palatial formal grounds
From arrangements in tiny wicker baskets to arrangements in priceless porcelain containers
Flowers possess a language of their own.
The message that they send is one that is understood in all parts of the world, irrespective of the native tongue:

God loves mankind so much that He
Shares beauty and love through
His flowers.


God loves you, my friend!  May each flower you see remind you of that wonderful truth.

~ Gena

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