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Where Did All That Color Come From?

It’s here!!! The start of a new drawing adventure and I am sooooo excited!! I’ve spent the last several months organizing stained glass and colored pencil workshops, refreshing and updating my website, and catching up on the multitude of things around the house that got pushed to the side as I finished my Master’s degree. With those items checked off of my to-do list, I’m so ready to get back to my Enduring Roots colored pencil series.

In the past, as I’ve started each drawing, I’ve flipped through the photos of different flowers that I’ve taken, looked at flowers that might be currently growing in my garden or that I can find at the store, searching for some that bring some inspiration or grab my attention in some way. The subject for this new drawing though, began as a request from one of my neighbors. She asked me if I would draw her purple iris.


Three photos I took of my neighbor's beautiful iris.

When I brought these flowers home to photograph in May, I was blown away by the many colors that were revealed under the soft light of a north-facing window in my kitchen.  Just AMAZING!!  As I’ve revisited those photos this month, that color still dazzles me – so incredible that so many various shades of pinks, blues, whites, and purples can all appear on what seems to be a simple purple petal.  It’s so amazing how beautiful things can be when the light shines in just the right way.  Maybe it’s a bit like living in the light of Christ – more of our beauty is revealed when we live in His light?


Here's the arrangement I'll be using for my next drawing.

Using Adobe Photoshop, I’ve pieced together several of those photos into the arrangement that I’ll be using for this new drawing.  And, this is it!!

Now, time to research the symbolism of purple iris and begin to work on designing a Celtic cross for the background.  Let the adventure begin! Wooo!!


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